The Image Moment Non-profit LLC was established at the end of 2008 with the goal to increase the awareness of the local values of North-Borsod as well as strengthen local pride and identity both inside and outside of the area through creating community forums (brochures, web radio and TV), fostering the communication within the region and developing the local market for advertisements.
In this work, we are willing to co-operate with local municipalities, civil organizations and entrepreneurs in developing local image and communication channels; strengthening all this work with transnational collaborations.

Thus, we aim to create such a local community medium, the “Momentum” Community Web radio and TV that on one hand contributes to keep local people informed about all the things that of public interests, on the other hand provides entertainment, as well as fosters creating and communicating a unique and positive image of the area based on multisectoral and transnational collaborations.

Therefore, we wish to contribute to a better promotion of our our area both in Hungary and abroad, as well as strengthen local identity and encourage local people to take active part in community life through providing credible, factual and up-to-date information to help local people being informed about local issues.
Besides, we intent to develop the professional knowledge of those taking part in this work by creating our local web radio and TV.

Norbert Munkácsi


Új Magyarország Vidékfejlesztési Program

Észak-Borsodi Leader Unió Egyesület

Észak-Borsodi Leader Unió Egyesület

Mezőgazdasági és Vidékfejlesztési Hivatal

„Európai Mezőgazdasági Vidékfejlesztési Alap:
a vidéki területekbe beruházó Európa”

Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat

Darányi Ignác Terv

Európai Unió